About Us

Since 1972, Custom Castings Limited has specialized in manufacturing high quality permanent mold aluminum and zinc alloy castings. We operate in a 50,000 square-foot facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba – the center of North America – where we provide our customers a single-source solution using world-class technology.


We draw on our industry experience to identify new insights. We share what we learn through our blog to strengthen our community of customers and peers. Our proactive company-wide systems convert insights and knowledge into tangible improvements we implement daily as a part of our Continuous Improvement culture – a dedication to growth within our company and industry, allowing us to deliver a world-class customer experience.


We offer a full range of complementary value-added processes to permanent mold casting that creates a single-source experience for our customer. Working with our processes – initial design concept to packaged goods – within close proximity increases our efficiency and shortens our lead times. Our transition to one-piece flow (cellular manufacturing) also enhances our single-source ability.

From initial design concept to packaged goods, our team is equipped to meet your exact specifications and requirements without compromising quality.

We deliver what you want, when you need it, at the quality you expect – all in-house.


We deliver the engineering design services and support you need to evolve your design from idea to finished casting. Our design engineers will help you in designing a permanent mold, enhancing an existing design, or solving a design challenge.


Permanent mold casting is an aluminum casting process employing permanent reusable molds made out of steel or iron, which can incorporate sand cores to create internal cavities and undercuts.

Find out why we recommend permanent mold casting over sand casting and high-pressure die castings.


Our world-class CNC machining centers provide superior quality and precision that allow us to deliver on today’s tightest tolerances. Our machining centers include an automated 24-pallet system that eliminates preparation and downtime from changeovers. Each pallet can hold up to four fixtures at once providing unmatched speed and flexibility.

Learn more about our machining centers and its capabilities.


Surface coatings can improve durability; increase longevity; withstand corrosion and abrasion; and reduce maintenance. We have a wide of range surface treatment options for applications including powder coating, liquid coating, and thermoplastic coating. As part of our single-source solution, we also apply surface coatings in our facility.

Learn more about surface coatings and our treatment options.


We manufacture aluminum pulleys for applications in quantities beginning at 25 units – lead times are typically under three weeks.

Visit our aluminum pulleys page to view different specifications we manufacture.

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