About Us

Vertically integrated to offer single-source permanent mold aluminum and zinc alloy castings.

Custom Castings

At Custom Castings, we offer our customers professional service, on-time delivery and competitive pricing.

Our story

Since 1972, Custom Castings Limited has specialized in manufacturing high-quality permanent mold aluminum and zinc alloy castings. We operate out of a 50,000-square-foot facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba — the center of North America — where we provide our manufacturing customers a single-source solution for their permanent mold castings using world-class technology.

Who We Are

At Custom Castings, we are committed to seeing your project through, from initial design engineering to final shipping of production parts. Our mission is to add value to every step of the manufacturing process through a broad range of services. Our team customizes to meet exact specifications and requirements, without compromising quality.

Custom Castings is a part of Nordstern Group, a vertically integrated group of experienced operating companies that manufactures aluminum, zinc and many other materials and parts the world needs. Part of what we offer that separates us from other manufacturers is that our group of partner companies synergistically work together to provide an efficient manufacturing solution for your businesses. Whether you need permanent mold castings or some collaborative combination of permanent mold castings, sand castings, tooling solutions, and surface coatings, our holistic operation allows us to do it quickly and economically.

Our continuous improvement culture

We draw on our industry experience to identify new insights. Our proactive company-wide systems convert these insights and knowledge into tangible improvements we implement daily as a part of our Continuous Improvement culture. Our dedication to growth — within our company and industry — allows us to deliver a world-class customer experience.

When we know we can do something better, whether it’s our methodology or the tools we use, we strive to implement that improvement in any way we can. It’s simply part of our company mindset.

Custom Castings continues to be forward-thinking, investing in world-class machines, so we can provide our customers with more than they expect, exactly when they expect it. Consider it done!


Safe Work Certification

Our 50,000 square-foot, single-source facility and cutting-edge technology wouldn’t be of any help to our skilled team of workers without our dedication to workplace health and safety. Custom Castings is committed to maintaining a strict standard of workplace safety to ensure we operate soundly and efficiently, and this commitment has been highly recognized.

Custom Castings is proud to be SAFE Work Certified. Made Safe, the certifying partner for the manufacturing sector, has seen our commitment to workplace safety first-hand and has honoured us with certification.

Made Safe states that the main safety essentials are leadership commitment, hazard identification and risk control, and worker participation.

ISO 9001:2015

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification is your guarantee that we are dedicated to delivering the best in quality assurance by committing to standards that are recognized and respected worldwide.