Boom, done: How Custom Castings uses thermal deburring to add value
April 5, 2018

At Custom Castings, we use explosions to build things up rather than bring them down.
Thermal deburring is part of our wide-range of in-house services. It’s a process that creates a micro-explosion, which removes the sharp edges, burrs, particles and deposit that can be left over from the machining process. Parts are loaded into the chamber of a machine, which we then pressurize with an oxygen and natural gas mixture. That mixture ignites, creating a combustion that burns off sharp edges and small chips, working evenly across the part’s surface, allowing us to reach all areas, including passageways and corners.

Safety and smooth sailing

We use thermal deburring to ensure your parts work perfectly.
Aluminum that’s been through this process isn’t going to introduce any burrs or debris into your mechanical system, while even edges mean your part will run smoothly. In addition to increased precision and cleanliness — no sharp edges means no cuts or scrapes, an especially important feature when working with metal.

Enhanced efficiency

With a thermal deburring machine, a job that would manually take 20 or 30 minutes is done within seconds. It also removes the potential for human error, and generates a safer, higher quality product.
At Custom Castings, we pride ourselves on our range of in-house services and minimal lead times. Being home to this process is just one more way we stick to those values.
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