Design Engineering

Your Design Concepts Brought to life

Our design engineers will help you:

  • Turn your design concept into a casting.
  • Re-engineer and enhance an existing design.
  • Solve a design challenge.
  • Convert from die casting or sand casting to permanent mold casting.
  • Convert from a fabrication or machined component to permanent mold casting.

Our design engineers partner with our customers to improve your part’s design and manufacture it to your exact specifications. We use solidification software that runs a simulation on any casting design. Our software predicts what types of defects to expect, giving us the ability to refine and improve your part before we even start production.

As part of the Nordstern Group, Custom Castings can lean on its vertically integrated partner company, Forte Tooling Technologies, and the design engineering expertise they bring to the table, to create truly innovative designs and bring your ideas to life.

We deliver the design support you need to evolve your casting from concept to finished product.

For more information on our engineering design services contact us today at 1.204.663.9142 or request a free quote.

Software We Use:

  • CAD – NX11
  • Solidification Modeling – MagmaSoft

File Types We Accept:

(in order of preference)

  • Native NX
  • xt_Parasolid
  • iges/igs
  • stp