Environmental Sustainability

At Custom Castings, not only do we care for the safety of our fellow coworkers, but also we are deeply committed to preserving our communities and environment for future generations. We strive to reduce our impact on climate change through waste reduction initiatives and by the sustainable use of natural resources.

We do this through continuous improvement of our processes, equipment and by the following:

  • Using recycled metal alloys
  • Recycling our scrap metal
  • Recycling cutting fluids and oils
  • Recycling cardboard and plastics
  • Converting gas-melt furnaces to high-efficiency electric furnaces
  • Upgraded to LED lighting
  • Upgraded air handling and exhaust
  • Using only electric material handling equipment
  • Committed to a paperless office in most functional areas

If you have any comments or concerns regarding Custom Castings’ manufacturing process, please contact us.

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