Equipment List

Specializing in permanent mold castings

For more than 40 years, Custom Castings Ltd. has specialized in manufacturing high quality permanent mold aluminum and zinc alloy castings. Housed in a 50,000 square-foot facility, Custom Castings offers the complete solution from raw material to finished and packaged goods by investing in the most trusted technologies in the industry.


  • 12x Crucible style aluminum melting furnaces
  • 1x Reverb style aluminum melting furnace
  • Automated Casting Cell – Includes 2x Hall 6H tilt pour machines, and (1) ABB IRB6640 Robot
  • 2x Hall 3H tilt pour machines
  • 16x Custom “4-way” casting tables
  • 2x Solution heat treat systems
  • Magma solidification software

Shell Core

  • 1x Harrison 1818 Dual Station Core Machine
  • 1X Beardsley & Piper SF10 Corematic


  • 1x Makino MMC Machining cell – Includes (2) Makino A61 Horizontal Machining Centers, 24 Pallet Pool, 500 mm pallets, 4 axis
  • 3x Makino A61nx Horizontal Machining Centers, 500 mm pallets, 4 axis
  • 1x Haas VF4 Vertical CNC Machining Center
  • 2x Mazak 300M CNC lathes, 3 axis with live tooling
  • 1x Mazak 300 CNC lathe, 3 axis
  • 1x Brown and Sharpe One DCC CMM
  • 1x Extrude Hone C-250 Thermal Deburring Maching
  • 1x Automated Machining cell – Includes (1) Matsuura MX330 5 Axis, (1) Fanuc D21SIB5 Robodrill, and (1) Yaskawa GP25 Robot