How Custom Castings mentors and builds leaders
March 15, 2018

Join us at Dare to Compete 2018

Custom Castings’ own Ed Martin will be at the upcoming CME Dare to Compete Conference—co-hosting a Q&A-style discussion about building leaders through mentorship.

Martin, our Vice President of Operations, brings to the panel his experience working in Custom Castings’ lean environment—which lends itself to high-value stream ownership and development of top-performing employees.

Custom Castings has made significant efforts to re-organize production cells and reduce a part’s movement between departments. That allows us to incorporate our mentorship approach and give high-process ownership to front-line employees.

“We try to have as much done in a single area as possible, ideally right from pouring the metal to finished goods,” Martin said.

That means our employees receive immediate feedback during the process, which allows for on-the-spot mentorship. That instant feedback and employee engagement ties into how Custom Castings works to build leaders.

Martin will be hosting the upcoming discussion along with Carte International’s Darek Mikita and Price Industries’ Neemee Batstone.

Join Custom Castings at the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters’ Dare to Compete Conference, March 20 at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg.

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