Maximized quality and efficiency: Find out more about our horizontal machining center
April 5, 2018

The Makino a61nx Horizontal Machining Center might have a complex name, but its benefits are simple.
The a61nx machines multiple sides of a part in one setup — boosting throughput, quality, and accuracy, while reducing non-productive setup time.

Customer benefits

At Custom Castings, we strive to have as much ownership of the value stream in one area as possible. That’s why the machining center is in our recently implemented Tilt 13 Sand Core Cell (AKA Shake and Bake), versus a centralized machine shop. Since we implemented the machine last year, it’s given us 100% ownership to turn molten metal into a finished good in one spot, which minimizes material handling and reduces lead times, maximizing quality and on-time delivery.

Employee benefits

The a61nx gives our staff greater pride in their workmanship results. They’re able to own the entire process, from pouring molten metal, to packaging finished goods. Casting technicians are given immediate feedback of any concerns, and CNC operators become part of the cell team, which results in higher morale.

How it works

We’re able to run two jobs at the same time, so the machine will continue cutting metal on one job while the operator unloads/loads the other.
That means improved speed and precision.
It also means we can run smaller batches, and customers are able to order the quantities they need, and not carry excess inventory.
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