Aluminum Pulleys

Custom Castings manufactures aluminum pulleys (sheaves) in almost every possible custom diameter and bore size – our full listing is below. Our casting and manufacturing facility also allows us to create pulleys for unique and specific applications in flexible quantities beginning at 25 units with fast turnaround. Lead times are typically under 3 weeks.

At this time, we work exclusively with OEMs.


Typical Specifications of Pulleys

Keyway 1/4″ typical
Setscrews 5/16″ typical – two places
Bore Sizes 7/8″, 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 3/8″, 1 1/2″, 1 3/4″ typical
Belt Type A and B typical
Material 356.1 aluminum alloy typical


Typical Pulley Sizes Available

Single Groove Pulleys Double Groove Pulleys Triple Groove Pulleys
 1groove  2groove  3groove
12″ O.D.-1 Groove 5.5″ O.D.-2 Groove 10″ O.D.-3 Groove
15″ O.D.-1 Groove 6.5″ O.D.-2 Groove 12.35″ O.D.-3 Groove
7.85″ O.D.-2 Groove 14″ O.D.-3 Groove
9″ O.D.-2 Groove 15″ O.D.-3 Groove
10″ O.D.-2 Groove 16″ O.D.-3 Groove
11.75″ O.D.-2 Groove
12″ O.D.-2 Groove
12.7″ O.D.-2 Groove
14″ O.D.-2 Groove
15″ O.D.-2 Groove
16″ O.D.-2 Groove
18″ O.D.-2 Groove



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