How our robot cell took the weight off technicians
December 19, 2016

One of our biggest challenges in the past was manufacturing parts larger than typically attempted using our permanent mold process.
At the time, our technicians manually transferred molten aluminum from the furnace to the mold. But, this introduced more problems: the molten aluminum cooled down and technicians worked in a confined space.
Finally, we invested in new robotics that manufactured parts weighing 250 lbs or more. Our robot cell achieved the highest quality large aluminum permanent mold castings and ensured the safety of our team.


Our robot cell helps:

  • Move more metal faster.
  • Transfer heavier amounts of molten aluminum.
  • Maintain the required temperature.
  • Decrease the risk of oxidation.
  • Fill the mold cavity faster.
  • Keep our technicians out of danger.

Since our robot moves and pours the metal, our operators won’t come into contact with the casting until it’s already solidified. While we wait for the casting to solidify, we add high-value activities and reduce the number of technicians needed to produce each part.
Our improved efficiency has a positive impact on time and cost for our customers. In addition to maintaining a safe workplace, investing in our robot cell presented two major benefits:

Value-added multitasking

We mentioned that our robot transfers aluminum for us, so we’ve got the freedom to perform other tasks like inspecting the finish and quality of our parts. We’re more productive with less technicians in a cell, reducing time and cost.

Development of multi-skilled employees

We train our technicians to program the robot and make sure it runs properly. We promote the use of one-piece flow in our robot cell. Our technicians learn all facets within the cell and take responsibility of each casting from raw material to finished product.

At Custom Castings, one of our top priorities is fostering a culture of continuous improvement. The robot cell is just another example of how we transform challenges into opportunities and grow as a team. We are proud of our team and the success of our Continuous Improvement Program. Our program ensures we maintain the quality and service our customers can rely on.

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