Safe Work Certification

Dedicated to workplace health and safety

At Custom Castings, our in-house services allow us to be an economic single-source solution for our customers. Our 50,000 square-foot, single-source facility and cutting-edge technology wouldn’t be of any help to our skilled team of workers without our dedication to workplace health and safety.

Custom Castings is committed to maintaining a strict standard of workplace safety to ensure we operate soundly and efficiently, and this commitment has been highly recognized.

Proud to be SAFE Work Certified

Custom Castings is proud to be SAFE Work Certified. Made Safe, the certifying partner for the manufacturing sector, has seen our commitment to workplace safety first-hand and have honoured us with certification.

Made Safe states that the main safety essentials are leadership commitment, hazard identification and risk control, and worker participation.

As a SAFE Work certified company, we prove that Custom Castings has:

  • A safe and healthy workplace
  • Control of workplace hazards
  • Reduced workplace injuries and illnesses
  • Excellent employee engagement and productivity

This certification process required us to complete essential coursework, including leadership courses, committee training, safety management systems training, and internal auditor training. We completed a Made Safe gap analysis and developed a safety action plan. We rigorously maintained our long-standing safety management program, and completed the final audit with an official Made Safe auditor.

Made Safe’s certification process ensured that all of our employees understand their health and safety rights and responsibilities, and participated in the safety and health program. The auditor also saw that all of our workers demonstrate confidence in all our health and safety practices.

We ensure that our skilled team has the proper tools and safe work environment they need to perform their best work. Made Safe conducted interviews with our employees and was able to understand exactly what our day-to-day operations are like and what we stand for as a company. We proved that we have made a commitment to workplace safety and that our team is confident and efficient in their work and assigned safety roles.

Being SAFE Work Certified is an honour that we are devoted to maintaining. Custom Castings will perform annual internal audits to ensure our safety management system is healthy and that we maintain certification year after year.