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On-Time Delivery

Because of our vertically integrated manufacturing facility, Custom Castings eliminates logistical costs – delivering complete components efficiently and conveniently. Our team will help see your project through from engineering to inventory management and shipping, customizing our services to your specific needs.

Our location – in the geographic centre of North America – means efficient, low-cost shipping anywhere on the continent and around the world. Winnipeg is a hub of international transportation with easy accessibility and excellent delivery times, with a maximum 2/3 day transit time to most major North American markets.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is the most important measure of a job well done. Our commitment to quality is reflected in every step of our manufacturing process and in every area of our business. Our systems, policies, and procedures have all been built to ensure the total satisfaction of our customers. We go far beyond industry standards to track and analyze our quality costs, scrap rates, statistical methods, and other measures to constantly monitor and adjust the amount of variation in our process.

New Technology

We are always looking for ways to do our work even better. By adopting and integrating new technology – including robotics, automated machining cells, and advanced casting solidification software – we are constantly ahead of the curve. Our clients benefit through reduced lead times, on-time delivery, and an exceptional level of quality.

ISO Certification

Our ISO 9001:2008 certification is your guarantee that we are dedicated to delivering the best in quality assurance by committing to standards that are recognized and respected worldwide.

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