Speed and competition: How we keep up with recreational vehicle trends
June 25, 2018

In an industry where speed-to-market is crucial, Custom Castings has a number of features that make us well-poised to make parts for recreational vehicles.
This market has its own set of challenges—vehicles like motorcycles, ATVs, and golf carts constantly demand new-and-improved designs, which means manufacturers need to be able to keep up with new models and parts.
Our engineers can predict problem areas and know how to optimize a part’s manufacturability assisted by our magma solidification software. That helps us produce parts faster— and with the utmost precision. It also helps us design components, meeting the demands of the recreational vehicle market—namely its seasonal nature and changes in volumes from year to year.
We are able to make any number of units, a mandatory feature for the recreational vehicle market, which sees changing volumes year-to-year.

Design flexibility

Our permanent mold castings offer design flexibility for moderate to higher volumes, which means your tooling investment for permanent mold is considerably less than die casting.
We offer casting support, with design and manufacturability help on the front-end, which can help you quickly respond to the recreational vehicle market’s demands and needs.
Permanent mold can often fit into the recreational vehicle market, offering a less expensive process for lower-volume specialty models. It also produces high levels of metal integrity, which means your parts are built-to-last.

Lean manufacturing

Custom Casting’s vertical integration allows for a more cost-competitive position, while also reducing lead times on parts like housings, engine components, and transmission components.
Our lean manufacturing cells within the permanent mold process allow for reduced lead times and quick changeover between castings, boosting speed-to-market.
We are able to provide a complete part all the way up to and including painting or specialty coatings.
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