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Custom Castings

Top-quality, custom-made parts

At Custom Castings, we understand that the key to a successful casting is optimized manufacturability and the right production process for the required quality, functionality, quantity, and aesthetic. That’s why we use our years of experience, world-class technology, trusted alloys, and stellar team of technicians to bring you an array of top-quality, custom-made parts.

We specialize in permanent mold aluminum and zinc alloy castings as well as complex, multi-process parts incorporating additional needs such as heat treatment, machining, and coatings. Our vertically integrated manufacturing facility allows our team to see your solution through from engineering to inventory management.

Get the Part you need

No matter what you’re looking for, Custom Castings will ensure you get the part you need, efficiently and conveniently. Below are just a few examples of our expertly designed and manufactured solutions.

Hydraulic Adapter

Material: 356.1-T6
Weight: 1.8 lbs
Dimensions: 6” x 3.5” x 3.5”
Applications: Hydraulic filter adapter for hydraulic system on Bobcat Skid Steer Loaders
  • We used permanent mold, due to quantity needs and sand core requirements, which allowed us to consistently produce a product with a high level of internal complexity.
  • To solve some of the production challenges posed by the complexity of the component—namely, deburring and internal cleanliness requirements—Custom Castings invested in equipment and training.
  • We’ve produced 35,000 EAU. The program started in 2013.

Housing 15′ SRL

Material: 356.1-T6
Weight: 3.00 lbs
Dimensions: 8.88” x 7.75” x 3.16”
Applications: Enclosure for fall arresting equipment
  • We used permanent mold, which allowed us to produce this part in large quantities with a surface finish, while maximizing cost-efficiency.
  • This part shows off Custom Castings’ vertical integration, and the ability to machine post-coating. Previously, this part has been produced by buying raw castings, machined, and then coated by a third-party supplier.
  • We’ve produced an annual volume of 1,000 pieces a year since 2008.

Display Mount

Material: 356.1
Weight: 2.40 lbs
Dimensions: 11-3/4” x 3-1/2” x 5-1/2”
Applications: Mounting attachment for computer used in a tractor cab
  • After analyzing multiple processes, materials and vendors, the client determined that permanent mold was the highest value application, due to the part’s curved core, combined with the need for reduced weight.
  • Custom Castings offered the most competitive price in conjunction with our value-chain of services.
  • We’ve produced 2,000 pieces a year since 2012.

Surgeon’s Medical Cart Handle

Material: 356.1-T6
Weight: 18.60 lbs
Dimensions: 20.2” x 16.31” x 13.57”
Applications: Cart holds diagnostic equipment, used in operation rooms
  • We used permanent mold for a surface finish that could be used in a medical or diagnostic area, with a lower weight than an iron or steel casting. This process allowed for freedom with quantity, fit, form, function, and aesthetics.
  • Custom Castings used its vertical integration of services/operations and performance/design within a highly regulated medical industry.
  • We’ve produced an annual volume of 500 pieces a year since 2015.

Lens Assembly

Material: 356.1
Weight: 1.27 lbs
Dimensions: 4.75” x 2.50” x 3.88”
Applications: Explosion-proof, electronics enclosure for flow, level and interface switch
  • We used permanent mold for this part, which allowed for a better base metal than die casting, and more dimensional control than sand casting.
  • This Custom Castings engineered assembly solution is an example of our supply chain solutions. For the Lens Assembly, we solved engineering issues in a lean manufacturing environment, with magma and integrated processes.
  • This part is an example of volume, aesthetics and assembly combination with 600 pieces/year since the program started in 2013.

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