CNC Machining

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Custom Castings

Key Machining Capabilities Under One Roof

Whether your product needs milling, turning, or any other CNC machining process, our expertise and equipment will manufacture it to your exact specifications. We have a variety of horizontal and vertical machining centers as well as CNC lathes for round components.

We commit to ongoing technology improvements in our vertically integrated facility. Custom Castings is your single-source solution for aluminum or zinc castings.

To learn more about zinc or aluminum CNC machining processes, contact us today.

Coordinating Measuring Machine

Before greenlighting production, we’ll measure your part and verify its dimensions with our coordinate measuring machine. We can provide reports upon request. In some instances, when our customers require 100% inspection of their part components, we’ll provide dimensional reports for every part.

CNC Horizontal Machining Center Cell

Decreased customer lead time is a direct result of our world-class CNC horizontal machining center cell that produces high-quality parts at a swift rate.

Our horizontal machining center cell:

  • Includes a 24-pallet system that requires no fixture preparation. Each pallet can hold up to four fixtures – this means we can run up to 96 different jobs at once.
  • Replaces fixtures in just one to three minutes versus one to three hours when replacing fixtures manually. With this free time, we perform value-added tasks.

These benefits, through the use of our machining center cell, give us the flexibility to manufacture any volume and a high variety of components at a competitive cost – allowing us to quickly respond and adjust to customers’ needs.

Read one our recent articles for more on our horizontal machining center cell.