What We Do

Collaborate with customers from start to finish

customize a solution that meets your exact specifications and requirements

Design from print or reverse engineer from sample

Custom Castings

What we do at custom castings

When it comes to aluminum and zinc manufacturing, Custom Castings offers a number of services to our valued customers. From in-house design engineering to permanent mold casting and more, we customize a solution that meets your exact specifications and requirements, without compromising quality.

And when you need a comprehensive solution at a price that makes sense, Custom Castings leans upon Nordstern Group to offer a single-source solution.

Design Engineering

We deliver the engineering design services and support you need to evolve your design from idea to finished casting. Our design engineers will help you design a permanent mold, enhance an existing design, or solve a design challenge.


Permanent mold casting is an aluminum casting process employing permanent reusable molds made out of steel or iron, which can incorporate sand cores to create internal cavities and undercuts.

CNC Machining

Our world-class CNC machining centers provide superior quality and precision that allow us to deliver on today’s tightest tolerances. Our machining centers include an automated 24-pallet system that eliminates preparation and downtime from changeovers. Each pallet can hold up to four fixtures at once providing unmatched speed and flexibility.

Surface Coating

Surface coatings can improve durability, increase longevity, withstand corrosion and abrasion, and reduce maintenance. We have a wide range of surface-treatment options for applications, including powder coating, liquid coating, and thermoplastic coating. As part of our single-source solution, we also apply surface coatings in our facility.

Aluminum Pulleys

We manufacture aluminum pulleys for applications in quantities beginning at 25 units with lead times typically under three weeks.

We deliver the design support you need to evolve your casting from concept to finished product.

For more information on our engineering design services contact us today at 1.204.663.9142 or request a free quote.